From Programmer to System Analyst: Deconstructing the Software Development Industry


From Programmer to System Analyst:
Deconstructing the Software Development Industry

September 04, 2017

The software development industry in foreign countries is booming, many youngsters are determined to be Software Engineers, but what about the situation of the software development industry in Hong Kong?


Young people seldom have the opportunity to discover their interest in certain industries during school life, as there are limited subjects provided in secondary school, not many become scientists or mathematicians after studying these subjects. Some people will evaluate their vocational interest based on academic performance, for example, if one gets an A in mathematics, then he/she may think the financial industry is the right vocational interest. However, we should not rely solely on the opportunities provided in school to determine what industries are suitable for us, but we should explore more possible interests on our own. Academic performance in secondary school does not mean everything, because the standard and competitions are very different compared to the academic research level.


In addition, do you know there is a huge difference in the duty of work between Programmer, Senior Programmer, Analyst Programmer, and System Analyst? The career ladder of the Software Development industry is relatively clear, people usually start from Programmer, and then probably promoted to Senior Programmer, Analyst Programmer or System Analyst, and lastly, Project Manager.


Programmer & Senior Programmer

Although both Programmer and Senior Programmer work mainly on programming, Programmers own less work experience or they are inexperienced graduates, they follow a certain work patterns and rules, while the duty of Senior Programmers is much more because they are more experienced.


Analyst Programmer

As for Analyst Programmer, other than proper programming techniques, it is necessary to know how to lead subordinates, and assists younger Programmer and Senior Programmer to grow.


System Analyst

For System Analyst, there are many responsibilities, expect programming skills, System Analyst also needs to analyze customer needs, communicate with customers, design solutions, and assign tasks to Analyst Programmers. They also need to manage project progress and manages vendors.




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