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abc Fintech Recruiters Limited (abbr. abc Fintech) is a leading professional recruitment agency specializing in recruiting IT experts within the banking & finance sector in Hong Kong. abc Fintech Recruiters Limited is an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Leadership Solutions Linmited.



Our mission is to build a better future by

  • Facilitating a successful match between talented IT job seekers and our reputable business clients
  • Helping candidates to build their career in Financial Technology area
  • Achieving business efficiency of our clients




Professional Expertise

We are not recruitment agent only!
With the unique background of abc Fintech, our consultation team composed of both recruitment and IT development experts. We can conduct a comprehensive consultation and assessment on candidates on both recruitment and technical aspects, and thus to link IT talents with relevant skillsets with our business clients.


Learn from Experiences

Different from other recruitment agency, abc Fintech has a unique background as a wholly-owned subsidiary owned by the Group, abc Multiactive (Hong Kong) Limited (ABC) which is a listed IT Financial Solution provider (stock code: 8131.HK) with over 30 years of expertise in financial technology development.

We not only work for the client, but we ARE the client itself with deep understanding of the Fintech market and have the relevant knowledge to assess the technical skills. abc Fintech can provide IT job seekers with latest market trend and technical consultation, as well as well-assessed IT candidates to employers within Fintech area. 


Trust from Reputable Clients

We have established close and long-term relationship with

  • Local banks
  • International investment banks
  • Chinese-funded brokerage houses
  • Overseas-funded brokerage houses





Job Posting Enquiry:

Hotline: +852 2598 2038



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